House Cocktails

Made with Oregon spirits
Bees Knees $8
  Ransom Dry Gin, honey syrup, lemon juice, Peychauds bitters
Spicy Dark and Stormy $8
   Below Deck spiced rum, Cock and Bull ginger beer, lime, Meyerss Dark Rum float
Crater Lake Rye Old Fashioned $8
   Bendistillery Crater Lake Rye, Angostura bitters, simple syrup, orange peel
Burnside Manhattan $9
   Burnside Bourbon, Noilly Prat sweet vermouth, bitters, cherry
Pendleton Hot Toddy $8
   Pendleton whiskey, honey, lemon juice, orange bitters, hot water

On Tap: 
Gigantic Brewing IPA, Baerlic Noble Stout,
Fort George Wit, Rosenstadt Altbier,
Double Mountain IRA $5
Cider Riot! Burncider $5

Miller High Life, Pabst Blue Ribbon $2.50
Trumer Pils, Pacifico, Coors Light $3.50
Groundbreaker gluten free IPA $5
Groundbreaker gluten free Dark Ale (22oz) $6

Rainier tall boy $2.50
Olympia tall boy $2.50
Guinness draft cans $5
Stiegle Radler $5

Red blend, pinot grigio, Chardonnay $5
Underwood pinot noir or Rose can $8
Barefoot Bubbly $6

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